Firecrackers & Saturn Missiles 

Noise... just bring the noise!


  1. Black Cat 50s, 100s, & 200s
    The original Black Cat Crackers!
  2. Black Label Cracker
    Waterproof crackers.
  3. Boomer 50s, 100s, & 200s
  1. Boomer Thunder 2000
    Roll of 2,000 crackers!
  2. Boomer Thunder 8000
    Roll of 8,000 crackers!
  3. Boomer Thunder 16000
    Roll of 16,000 crackers!
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  1. Dyno Mighty Mite
    Packed with rapid fire crackers, this is sure to get their attention!
  2. Lady Crackers
    These crackers jump all over the place!
  3. M-5000 Salute
    One loud boom packed in each cracker!
  1. Mighty Crackers
    Waterproof crackers.
  2. Naughty Boys
    These things go crazy and eat themselves!

Saturn Missiles

  1. 20 Shot Huge
    20 shot large Saturn Missile Battery.
  2. 25 Shot
    25 shot Saturn Missile Battery.
  3. 100 Shot
    100 shot Saturn Missile Battery.
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  1. 300 Shot
    300 shot Saturn Missile Battery.
  2. 750 Shot
    750 shot Saturn Missile Battery w/aerial effects.
  3. Bullet Storm
    Rows of crackling mines, Saturn Missile whistles, colors, strobes, report and crackling.
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  1. Crimson Storm
    150 missiles of red and green glittering tails, crackling, whistles, white glitter and reports.
  2. Jumbo 104
    This Saturn Missile Battery combines red, yellow, green, whistling and crackling saturn missiles with whistling and crackling jumbo saturn missiles.
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