Whether it is something fun for the kids, smoke, sparklers, etc., our Novelties have something for everyone!
  1. Balls of Fury
    Emits large sparks.
  2. Big Blue Balls
    Emits large sparks.
  3. Artificial Satellite
    Spinning item.
  4. Bigfoot
    Shoots flames and drives.
  5. Call to Arms
    Shoots flames and drives.
  6. Campfire Flames
    Lasts 60 minutes. Turns your flames beautiful colors.
  1. Chicken Blowing Balloon
    Chicken blows balloon from behind.
  2. Circus Peanuts
    Elephant "poops."
  3. Champagne Party Poppers
    The original Champagne Party Popper!
  4. Confetti Cannons
    No flame needed! Just twist and confetti explodes!
  5. Crackling Ground Bloom Flower
    Crackles and spins.
  6. Fire Truck
    Drives, shoots flames, raises the ladder.
  1. Flying Ground Bloom Flower
    Spins on the ground and flies up.
  2. Frog
    Smokes and sparks.
  3. Flashing Signal
  4. Ground Bloom Flower
    Spinning item.
  5. Happy Lamp
    Spins, emits sparks, and opens.
  6. Hot Racer
    Flames, shoots, whistles, drives.
  1. Jumbo Ground Bloom
    HUGE version of the classic Ground Bloom Flower.
  2. Kryptonite
    Emits large sparks.
  3. Jumping Jacks
  4. Lady Bug
    Spins and shoot up!
  5. M1 Abrams
    Driving and shooting item.
  6. Mini Laser
    Strobe effect.
  1. New Small Bee
    Spins and flies.
  2. Oriental Dragon
    Driving item.
  3. Normandy Landing
    Shoots flames and sparks. Lowers opening and tank drives out.
  4. Penguin Mama
    Whistles and blows balloon.
  5. Poopy Puppy
    "Poops" snakes.
  6. Pyro Viagra
    Emits large sparks.
  1. Snakes Out of a Cave
    Numerous snakes.
  2. Speed Balls
    Spins and flies.
  3. Snake Assortment
    Black snakes, colored snakes, and GLOW snakes!
  4. Spin World
    Spins and hops.
  5. Tank with Report
    Drives and crackles.
  6. Tank with Star
    Drives and crackles (quieter).
  1. Tea Pot
    Emits sparks.
  2. Thundersnaps
    Adult snappers. Fuseless firecrackers.
  3. Two Color Space Ship
    Spins and flies.


  1. 10" Color Metal Sparkler
  2. 10" Gold Bamboo Sparkler
  3. 20" Gold Metal Sparkler
  1. Colorful Comet
    New item! Handheld Fountains! Last a very long time!
  2. Morning Glory
  3. Neon Sparklers
  1. Night Saber
  2. Princess Sword


  1. 5 Color Smoke Balls
    The original multicolored smoke balls!
  2. Chick Stick
    Lasts over a minute.
  3. Combat Zone
    Smoke grenades.
  1. Gushing Smoke
    Lasts over a minute!
  2. World's Largest Smoke Ball
    HUGE smoke balls!
  3. Color Powder Cannons
    No flame needed! Twist and powder erupts!

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